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Maya Clars is a music producer, musician, and singer-songwriter.

Maya Clars About

Early Life

 Maya has always been interested in a mysterious music world that she was surrounded with. Due to her curiosity, Maya's parents decided to enroll her in a music college at the age of 6, where she began to take her first steps as a professional pianist. In 2015 she moved to Eastern Europe with her family where she continued her musical education in the music school, later graduating with honors in 2017. Maya knew that she wanted to be connected to this mysterious music world, therefore she... Read More

Maya Clars About


 In 2019, Maya decided to rebrand her music career. She learned the new DAW "Cubase" and wrote her first song "Dance of Death". In 2021, Maya released "Road 22", which became the most popular song of hers, was taken on a Review on "Makeup and Music Monday Ep 5 " by LatinaMarie and on "FORMULA INDIE AMERICA". Maya's creativity and originality attracted more people to discover her music. "Sick Of It" appeared on (UK) 106.8 radio! and also was positively rated on "The Underground... Read More

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