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LIVE streams - Chatting with Maya Clars on Saturdays

Every Saturday I will be streaming on YouTube, Rumble, and Twitch. There you can ask your questions or just chat.

Beijing - 3:00 Sun
Moscow - 22:00 Sat
Paris - 20:00 Sat
London - 19:00 Sat
New York - 14:00 Sat
Los Angeles - 11:00 Sat

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"Scared Of Nothing" song review by The Underground Sound Ep. 28

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Okay, well, this is my first time listening to this song obviously, but I gotta say 533 plays 40 saves 692 fires and on top of that 223 comments left on the song, uh.. which is just absolutely fantastic. So very happy for Maya with that one posted 12 days ago "Scared Of Nothing" also available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube

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2023 New Year!

2023 wishing everyone to be safe and find the happiness within yourself :))

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