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LIVE streams - Chatting with Maya Clars on Saturdays

Every Saturday I will be streaming on YouTube, Rumble, and Twitch. There you can ask your questions or just chat.

Beijing - 3:00 Sun
Moscow - 22:00 Sat
Paris - 20:00 Sat
London - 19:00 Sat
New York - 14:00 Sat
Los Angeles - 11:00 Sat

Maya Clars

The Underground Sound Show, 14 recording

"Diagonal of Love" song review by The Underground Sound

Watch on YouTube

March 29, 2024

Maya Clars

Early Life

 Maya has always been interested in a mysterious music world that she was surrounded with. Due to her curiosity, Maya's parents decided to enroll her into music college at the age of 6, where she began to take her first steps as a professional pianist. In 2015 she moved to Eastern Europe with her family where she continued her musical education in the music school, later graduating with honors in 2017. Maya knew that she wanted to be connected to this mysterious music world, therefore she... Read More

Maya Clars Donations

Hello guys! :) If you want to support me and my music, here you can find some donation links that you can use! I am really grateful for your warming love!...

Maya Clars Donations
Songwriting resources where I publish my songs

There are some music forums which I love! I highly recommend you to try these websites if you are a musician or an artist, who wants to make your dreams come true!

How do I upload my songs? | Maya Clars


I use DistroKid and love everything about it! It is comfortable to upload any song at any time, with no limit. If you want to try Distrokid, I recommend using this link below to get 7% off! :)

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Maya Clars

Q&A Apple Music Maya Clars

Describe one of your earliest musical memories in detail.

- I remember when my parents gave me my first synthesizer. The first melody I've learned was "Winx Club - Magic Winx".

What are your top 3 all-time favorite albums on Apple Music, and why?

- It's always hard to answer which albums or songs your favorite. It often depends on your current mood. Although, I'd say that the album "Vessels" from Starset is important to me. Right now I love "The Happy Star" from Lexie Liu for its...

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