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February 01, 2022
Maya Clars Where can I upload my songs? Top 5 resources for music.

Where can I upload my songs? Top 5 resources for music.

  Every beginner, after finishing their first serious project, wants to share it online with the world. So, where to find the places to upload your lovely songs? In this article, I will tell you about the top 7 resources where you can publish your music.

Maya Clars Distrokid


  I am sure the first music platform you would like to publish is Spotify or Apple Music. The good news is that it is super easy to do, and It takes a little of your time. :)
  Distrokid is a service for musicians or labels that uploads music on plenty of online stores and streaming platforms. It is important to say that the service is not free, but it does not cost much. You can get 7% off by using this link: link ' alt='distrokid referral link with discount' target='discount' class='btn btn-primary btn-sm my-2 shadow-sm my_btn_link' role='button' aria-disabled='true' style='min-width: 14rem;' title='distrokid discount'>Distrokid referral link with discount
  You can also add lyrics to your songs, even sync them. Your Spotify and YouTube accounts also can be verified, which gives you more opportunities for promotion.
 It is just a bunch of functions Distrokid provides. You will find many more on their website.

Maya Clars YouTube


  Everyone is familiar with YouTube, and I know you have seen on your “Home Page” many musical videos, such as covers, demos, or songs. I recommend you to not underrate this platform and try to consistently upload music content. You know it is for free! So it is the best option to find your listeners.

Maya Clars SoundCloud


 SoundCloud is one of the most popular music platforms you can upload music. It is known for its possibility to publish songs for free. Although there is a limit on your uploads time, you will have to buy a pro account for more time.
 I recommend you to use SoundCloud if you want to hear opinion about your music.

Maya Clars was made by Distrokid. It works similarly to SoundCloud. There is no limit for uploading, but you have to listen to other users (you need to comment and like their songs to be able to upload your music work).

Maya Clars is also a great place where you can know others’ thoughts about your songs. This platform also helps to gain more listeners, as you can directly add songs to Spotify. To upload the music, you need to have credits, which you can either from rating different songs in the “Hot or Not” section or pay a certain amount.

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