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May 20, 2022
Maya Clars How to write great lyrics that everyone will love

How to write great lyrics that everyone will love

  Lyrics are one of the essential parts of writing songs. Why? Because it's a powerful way to convey your emotions and tell your stories. We, musicians, are often struggling with finding new ideas. In this article, you will find my five tips on how to write great lyrics that everyone will love!

 1. Your Personal Experience. 

This first tip is the most popular one in writing songs. Try to choose any situation in your life and describe what you felt at that time, or maybe it's better even to recreate the image of the problem in your head. Be honest with yourself, it's your art, and it's ONLY you who tell the story. I would highly recommend writing about your feelings and emotions in that period you chose, rather than retelling something as you describe a picture, "The night was dark, the stars were bright." Although there are no boundaries in music, just give the listeners something exciting and outrageous. 

2. Experiences of other people.

This second tip is almost similar to the previous one, but the situation you choose will not be yours this time. There are plenty of people on the internet who tell their stories (I'm sure you have seen many of the videos on YouTube), but they do not write songs. So, why not try being an empath for a while and share their story through your music? It's a beautiful place to find new ideas because you can choose anything! You can even find a stranger outside and write a song if you want. Just observe everything around you and pay attention to little details!

3. Ideas from films.

Many people love watching films; It makes us experience different emotions. So, why don't you take the opportunity to find some ideas from the movie? For example, try to feel like the main character and write lyrics from their perspective. Or I would recommend trying exploring the atmosphere in the film and then transferring the vibe through your lyrics. Be creative! You can also try to choose significant phrases in the movie and create a new story with these lines. 

4. Pinterest (aesthetic photos)

Aesthetic photos are a great way to find inspiration on what to write your song about. I personally like Pinterest for this; it's simple to search. Choose the mood of the photos and try to find the same scenery. On Pinterest, it's also comfortable making a board where you can save the photos you have found on this platform, making it easier to look through. Just be patient and lead your heart's choices. 

5. Imagination.

And the last one - is imagination! Let your artistic character do whatever feels right. You can come up with anything you want! For example, imagine being a leaf on a tree, or maybe there is only nature on the earth and no one else. It might not be easy for everyone, but I genuinely believe you can develop your creativity by journaling and getting to know arts, cultures, and languages. Write down anything that's on your mind every day. The more you know, the more fascinating things you can imagine in your head!

I hope that this article will help you create more beautiful songs! :)

Be creative, be brave!

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