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Early Life

 Anna was enrolled in music school at the age of 6, where she was studying piano and music grammar classes at the Regional College of Arts in the city of Khabarovsk. Anya also attended the choir, where she was singing classical songs in soprano. She had to switch her music school in 2013, where Anna continued her education. Due to carpal tunnel syndrome, she stopped attending music school that frequently to recover.

In 2015, Maya moved with her parents to another city and enrolled in... Read More

Maya Clars

"Scared Of Nothing" song review by The Underground Sound Ep. 28

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Okay, well, this is my first time listening to this song obviously, but I gotta say 533 plays 40 saves 692 fires and on top of that 223 comments left on the song, uh.. which is just absolutely fantastic. So very happy for Maya with that one posted 12 days ago "Scared Of Nothing" also available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube

Songwriting resources where I publish my songs

There are some music forums which I love! I highly recommend you to try these websites if you are a musician or an artist, who wants to make your dreams come true!

How do I upload my songs? | Maya Clars


I use DistroKid and love everything about it! It is comfortable to upload any song at any time, with no limit. If you want to try Distrokid, I recommend using this link below to get 7% off! :)

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idolizing people harms our society

Read this article to know how to stop worshiping your idols to make your life better!

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