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Pete Johns - Studio Live Today

"Girls Are Vampires" song review by Pete Johns - Studio Live Today

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Let's kick in with our first track! This one comes to us from Maya Clars and… I think you're gonna enjoy this one, so it calls "Girls Are Vampires" and it's our first track here for episode 150 on "Your Music Live"

Maya Clars there to kick us off in style! What a cool vibe. I listened to that tune when I was putting the show together just yesterday, and I was like "that's our opening number right there" like a nice sort of leading dark sort of vibe to it and then kicks in with that…just that dark pop vibe and I love it a lot. Exactly, excellent start….

About that one - Maya says: " "Girls Are Vampires" is a gloomy story, be careful of your surroundings, you never know who holds bad intentions against you even if they seem to be trustworthy, who knows what will happen with you the next day? What if they are bad people? What if they are vampires?" and I love it a lot!

May 1, 2023

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